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Brian's Newsletter - 29th June

Hi Everyone

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Liverpool are Premier League Champions after 30 years. I know it's not tennis but who cares!! There's no 30 years of hurt because we've still been winning some big trophies. How has Klopp done it??? Well his biggest strength is making everyone feel good about themselves and very equally important in the whole organisation from stewards to cleaners to ball boys to players to hierarch. The key to success has been the unity. Food for thought....

Adult Tennis Group Coaching

Hi Everyone

Finally I can get in touch with some more good news regarding tennis at Dorking.... We are now allowed to offer some group coaching but on a much smaller scale. The LTA guidelines are up to 6 players on a court including 1 coach.. So basically 5 players with the obvious social distancing rules of being 2 metres apart. The pandemic is still on-going so I have tried to come up with the easiest, most sensible solution to getting our players on court and making it as cost-effective as possible. There are still restrictions that our coaching team will advise.