Strategic Vehicles to Ukraine

New Initiative - Strategic Vehicles to Ukraine







Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the support I received last year and early this year in my efforts to raise funds to buy desperately needed generators for Ukraine.  The 200 plus generators brought relief to households facing Russian bombardment of their power infrastructure.  A proportion of them went to the front line to assist medical facilities treating injured Ukrainian soldiers.
After 6 trips with generators, clothing, ambulances and medical supplies I’ve just returned from being part of a convoy of 17 military painted 4x4s which met up in Warsaw.   16 of the vehicles came out of Tallin.  These had been purchased through a body called NAFO (North Atlantic Fellas Organisation).  The vehicles had been prepared for front line work with the purpose of bringing injured personnel out of immediate danger. With two other UK drivers and a similar vehicle (funded and prepared in the UK) we drove to Warsaw to  meet up with the convoy.  The 17 vehicles were then driven overnight to Kiev where they were presented to different regiments of the Ukrainian army. 
Whilst there I met Aiden Aslin.  You may all remember he was British, married to a Ukrainian, fighting for the Ukrainian army when he was captured by the Russians in Mariupol last year.  He was held and tortured for six months before being released last September as part of a prisoner exchange.
So now there is a new focus - the purchase and delivery to Ukraine of second hand four wheel drive vehicles.   I was very impressed with NAFO and I’m motivated to raise funds for one or two similar vehicles to add to subsequent convoys.  To date NAFO has taken in over 230 vehicles.
Can you help ?  More such vehicles are urgently needed.  Even the smallest amount of money donated will contribute to this wonderful humanitarian cause.  There is a new Just Giving page to go to if you are willing to donate.  Go to:  (or go to and search for William Lewis and you'll find the new fundraising page.