Junior Newsletter - 7th June

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a lovely half term break, despite the variable weather. Did anyone get to play tennis or squash over the holiday? I know Brian’s tennis camps were busy. I actually managed to get a couple of my kids to the club on a sunny afternoon and we got the ball machine out.  That innocuous looking machine in the foyer is actually a huge amount of fun, especially when you set the ball feed speed quite high and quite fast.  It made for some fairly aerobic tennis drills for a while. Then I told the kids I could adjust it! They’re talking to me again now…. 

With the last half term of the school year now underway, things always get busy with school trips and various end of term events. We’re having our own event at the club too fairly soon – the U8 mini tournament. Watch out at club night over the next few weeks as Inna will be coming around and signing everyone up for the tournament. In theory it’s an optional event but in reality, Inna doesn’t take no for an answer, so it’s compulsory!  Details below…

Junior Club News
We have had some great junior successes over the past couple of weeks, with our U14 girls Emma Wright and Emily Endacott beating West Horsley, and our U14 boys Max Old and Hugh Cameron-Jenkins beating East Horsley. Izzy Barlow and Emily Endacott also won their Surrey postal matches. Well done to all our juniors who are out there playing some great tennis and winning. We’re proud of you all! 

Upcoming Events
Sunday 9th June – U14 Road to Wimbledon.  Hopefully you will have received separate emails about this tournament being run at the club by Brian on Sunday. It’s for boys and girls and is another great opportunity to get tournament experience and really improve your tennis. Who wouldn’t want to play at Wimbledon?? You have to be in it to win it. Get in touch with Brian as he’s taking entrants right up to the last minute.

For those with younger children, I know you scrolled down to this section of the newsletter because you really want your child to enter the U8 mini tournament. This will be happening on Friday 28th June during Club Night. A small charge of £6 will be made to enter the tournament (or £5 each if there are siblings) which is great value knowing that the money is well spent with your child learning how to score and get experience in playing competitive matches. There are also other benefits including (and here comes a list – you know I love them!):

  1. Gives your child’s coaching sessions a purpose.
  2. Highlights your child’s strengths and weaknesses on court.
  3. Motivates your child to try harder in training as they can see the standard of players in competitions and know what they need to strive for.
  4. Boosts confidence on court (even though the first few competitions will be nerve-racking , they will get used to it and feel more comfortable on court ).
  5. It’s the quickest way to learn the rules of tennis (scoring, where to stand etc).

Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August: Junior Open Tournament (formerly Audrey Hughes Tournament).  This is another tournament that has all the benefits listed above and this year we will have a day (Thursday 1st August) devoted to younger players aged 8-9. With the club night tournament under their belts, I’m sure a few of our younger juniors will be joining in. That would be great! Paper application forms are available that provide all the information you’ll need. The form can also be found on our new website.

And finally…
So how far away has this newsletter been opened and read? I heard someone opened (and read!) the email in Jordan the other week. Any other locations? 

Also, have you all been checking out the new website? (www.dltsc.co.uk) Do you have any views on it? We have had some feedback saying that there aren’t quite enough photos of juniors or indeed anyone smiling or laughing (what is the world coming to!!). So here’s a plan – get your juniors to take some photos when they are playing tennis or squash or just after – group selfies would be perfect. Smiling and laughing group selfies would be even better. Let’s get the website looking like our club is a great place to be. We know it is but other people may need convincing!

Send your photos to Janet, our admin lady, or directly to Brian and let’s see that website overhauled. And it’s only been live for a few weeks!

See you on Friday (I’ll be the one with the camera!) – hopefully the rain will clear for about 3.30pm! 

Mags x