Junior Newsletter - 5th June

Hello everyone,

So how was half term? Hopefully everyone enjoyed a break from home schooling and managed to get out and enjoy the lovely weather. I hope our family groups have been making the most of the chance to play tennis doubles. I played doubles with my family and have had longing looks from those on other courts who really wanted to play doubles, but didn’t have four tennis players in the same household. But that has all now changed and we are able to play doubles with people outside our households. All nine tennis courts can now be used and the handles to adjust the net height are available so you can change the height for the younger members.

So make the most of the opportunity to play a sport that allows social distancing. In fact, due to the current lockdown situation, the club is offering a three-month trial period for families for £150. That is a great idea for two adults and children (no limit on the number of children!) to get through to the autumn term. The details are on the attached flyer. Please send it on to any families you know who are tearing their hair out wondering what to do with their children, especially with limited summer holiday options this year.

The offer is available until late June so do make that call. We are a family club after all, so let’s get more families involved in our sport!

Upcoming events

Don’t forget the LTA Youth Box Leagues are launching this summer for players 10 to 18 who are regular competitors (see the details on the following link:


The competition is due to start really soon so get in touch with Brian if your child is interested. Matches will be played using the FAST4 format which is perfect for the juniors.

Also, although we can’t run junior club night on a Friday afternoon yet, we are hoping to get a ‘Family Tennis’ session going at that time (4-6pm) instead. If there are enough families interested, that would work really well, especially with some of the younger ones getting back to school and in need of a bit of routine. Do let me or Janet or Brian know if that would be something people would be interested in as we would need to block off the courts in the new booking system.

And finally…..

Junior coaching is currently being considered by the coaches and a message will be coming out to parents very soon. There are limits on how many people are allowed on court and the usual hygiene rules we are all getting used to, but it could work. Look out for that email and let’s get some coaching going for our children!

Have a great week everyone. Stay well and healthy. I’m still running with the family (in reality trying to catch up with them!) and bought a new pair of running shoes recently. It was only after I bought them that I realised they were the ones that help you train (wasted on me then!). The shoes link to your phone and while you are running, a voice talks to you about how you are doing. Apparently my cadence is too low a lot of the time, so I need to ‘maintain the same pace but take shorter quicker steps’. Hmm, easier said than done. Anyway, the voice sounds a lot like Alexa so occasionally I can be heard asking Alexa to play some music while I’m running. When no music is played I just reckon Alexa is grumpy about my poor performance and dodgy cadence. Oh well, I could always switch off the app!

Catch up next week!
Mags x