IMPORTANT: New Club Coronavirus Update - October 2020


In line with Government edicts and LTA advice:

Both singles and doubles among all members can be played.  

‘Turn up and play’ is not permitted.   All play must be booked via the Club website so that ‘track and trace’ information is available.   Organisers of group tennis must keep a record of who has played in their group.  All information must be retained for not less than 21 days.

For doubles, consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if the ball travels to the centre of the court.

Members should arrive at the Club on foot or in their own private transport alone or with members of their own household.  You should not give a lift to the Club to any other person.

Please use the gates from the car park to access and leave courts 4, 5 and 6 and courts 7, 8 and 9.    When using the footpath from the car park towards the Clubhouse do not ‘pass’ each other on the way in or out.

Ensure you leave your court before the allotted time so that it is empty when the next players arrive.

NEW: When participating in any tennis activity, participants must not mingle in groups of more than six before and after the activity, while maintaining social distancing with those from another household at all times. If an organiser is not able to ensure this (including when arriving at or leaving activity or in any breaks or socialising) then such events should not take place. Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with, even if they see other people they know, at all times during their visit   Sanitise hands on arrival and departure

  • Practice social distancing - 2 metres and no shaking hands or picking up balls which might come across from other courts
  • Avoid sharing equipment
  • Push gates open without using your hands
  • Wear disposable gloves when dragging courts or adjusting the net

Guests cannot yet be invited

A face covering must be used on entry to the Clubhouse.  Toilets are available - use to be restricted to one person at a time -  but changing rooms and showers must not be used.


Matches held against other clubs and arrangements for coaching are subject to further rules and requirements.  Further information is available from the Tennis Committee, Team Captains or our Head Coach.

For whatever reason, if you are not feeling well, do not play.  Do not leave home if you or someone you live with has symptoms of COVID-19

Do not visit the Club if you or any members of your household are self isolating.

    Please read further advice on LTA link (below).


    Other guidelines must be followed in respect of Squash and use of the Bar.

    Updated 14th October 2020