Chairman's Update - 3rd November 2020

Dear Members,

This time last week I was remarking on how lovely it had been to hear the jolly sounds of Brian’s junior tennis camps. What a pity that the weather and other conditions deteriorated over the half term.

I know that you will all have been following the news and hoping that things might not be as dire as they were in March. I have left writing to you until the measures that are being put in place have been agreed by Parliament.

I am so sorry that playing squash and tennis will both be disallowed. The bar will serve the last drinks on Wednesday evening and the courts and clubhouse will be locked. If there is a cask ale open Nitin will arrange to sell it off so make sure that you have an empty container available if you are interested, please contact Nitin.

Please be assured that the Board, Committees and Janet will continue to monitor the situation and get things up and running as soon as we possibly can. We have had a rehearsal so things shan’t seem so daunting this time around!

My sincere thanks to you all for your patience, the Board, Committees, Coaches, Janet and Paul Deslandes for their support and hard work to make DLTSC such an enjoyable environment.

Please take care and I hope to see you all again very soon,

Best wishes,