Brian's Newsletter - 8th December

Brian Love

Hi Everyone
Only 19 sleeps til Christmas and we will all have different scenarios & experiences around this time. Stollen, Christmas songs, jumpers, pressies, pigs in blankets (vegan options too!), Christmas decorations, carol services, cheeky excuses for a bevvy or 2 and the dream mistletoe experience! A few ups & downs and probably lots of distractions for what it's all really about.
Club News
Congratulations to our Mixed and Ladies teams that were crowned champions in the Chaucer League this year. Well done to all the players that represented the club and did us proud. Club success on the courts again!
Every weekend our men's, ladies, mixed & junior teams are competing around the county against other clubs. Some weekends are more successful than others! But our players are giving it everything for the club. 
Well done to our U10 girls (Martha & Hannah) for playing their 1st match for the club last weekend. Really positive experience. We are proud of you! 
Prosecco Night (Very Towie) coming up on Thursday 16th December from 730pm... Beer festival a few weeks ago... Can you feel a club theme!!! Brilliant that Paula & her team of helpers are adding in these fresh social occasions. Make sure you come down and support this fine evening. You don't need to be a Prosecco drinker... you can enjoy something else...
Well done to the quiz nighters last Saturday. The club's elite boffins (so they keep telling themselves!) were in good form. Well done quiz master Will for his usual exceptional delivery of questions & answers he could only dream of answering correctly! 
Christmas drinks and social tennis on Sunday 19th December... Another great social event and with a magician present you will not believe.... He already knows what card you are thinking of!!!
The new draggers and how to use them.... We will be sending out a small video soon for you to enjoy with visual instructions of how to use!
Step 1 - Lift dragger off hooks (an uplifting experience!)
Step 2 - Drag the courts in an ever decreasing circular movement (In any weather conditions)
Step 3 - Walk towards the dragger hooks, flex and kiss the big guns (biceps!) and lift dragger up and place on the hooks. If you have short arms then lift from a lower position or shout "Help Help I need a tall person!"
Step 4 - Lift your arms high in jubilation at your achievement
Step 5 - Go home and look up the world record for lifting the heaviest weight &  wonder what all your fuss was about!
Remember to check out the screen in the foyer... It's got lots of info going on...
Tennis Chairman  (That's Will Edge!) Joke of the Week
So I stole a boomerang earlier and hid it up my sleeve.
The security guard threw me out of the shop 37 times.
Thought of the Week









Coaching Tip of the Week
Don't wait for the volley if your opponent has hit a slower return ball.... Step in and take it earlier. Step in and use your forward movement so you don't need as much arm movement. If you wait static for the ball to reach you there is a big chance you will use more arm movement and cock up the volley with too much shhhhwing!
Cocktail of the Week



















5 Annoying Things This Week

  • Cord always coming out of same hoodie during a machine wash regardless of tying ends together
  • Misjudging a slide for a drop shot and losing balance, followed by ripped skin on knee, elbow and bruised hand on landing 
  • Vet receptionist not seeing the funny side of booking appointment for Marvin's annual covid booster 
  • All Adele's songs
  • Realizing forgot to wash hands after chopping fresh red chilli whilst remembering to wash hands in the bathroom 

Hopefully you are having a good week... Don't forget to say hello to the coaching team when you are down at the club. We love a friendly "hello"
Sending hugs to anyone that needs them...









Brian Love
Head Coach
Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
07712 557076