Brian's Newsletter - 5th November 2020

Hi Everyone

Day 1 of lockdown! A bit of an emotional rollercoaster the last few days with the hope that tennis may be able to carry on and then dashed with the announcement that all courts and clubs will be closed.

Despite all our different views and opinions, we just need to get on with it and cope as best we can. We can look forward to the day the courts open again.

The lack of tennis will have an impact on all of us in different ways... For you guys it is your health and leisure and social and for the coaching team it is our work, our health, our leisure and also our social. We will miss being at the club.

It is really important you keep in touch with your tennis networks and just check in with players that may really appreciate some contact and a friendly voice. Feel free to keep in touch with the coaching team. We have our top 10 lists of favourite members!

Club News

Men's 1sts lost 4-0 to Epsom at the weekend. The combination of youth & experience from Chris B, Duncan G, Tony D & L Parry just wasn't enough.

I am sure you will hear from different sections of the club as we get through lockdown. Will the Zoom quiz be resurrected??? (Will 'Bob Holness' Edge!!)

The club will be back up and running as soon as physically possible. As soon as we hear anything I am sure Tricia or Henry will be in touch.

I will be down at some point when boredom sets in and the sun dries out the clay to make the courts look good for your return. You are all going to be well rusty and relying on some great excuses for your increased unforced errors, but the quality of the surface will not be one of them! (if it dries up!)

Motivational Quote of the Week






Top Lockdown Tips

  • Check out some good programmes/films/documentaries on Netflix/Amazon
  • Cook some new recipes
  • Keep in touch with your friends/family/people that make you feel good
  • Get out and exercise... Walk/Run/Bike/Yoga/Pilates/Dancing
  • Don't forget all the good tips your tennis coaches have given you!!
  • Do some online study... So many interesting courses online. Challenge your mind
  • Plan your days
  • Listen to your favourite music & search some new tunes
  • Watch some comedy
  • Catch up on your sleep
  • Finally tidy your sock drawer...

Top Tip if Someone is Annoying You And You Don't Want To Really Offend Them!

"Can I give you a bit of feedback....blah blah blah"

Thought of the Week

Take a moment to release your frustrations.... Whilst watching one of my favourite comedy shows Curb Your Enthusiasm there was a scene where the main character, Larry (proudly bald) noticed a bunch of students with no hair. His friend remarked that they were showing support for a fellow student who had cancer by shaving their heads.... Later on in the show he hires a chef for his new restaurant. Unbeknown to him he has some angry swearing outbursts if things frustrate him. Larry is very edgy that the chef will have an outburst from the open plan kitchen on the opening night of his new restaurant. The inevitable happens and the chef loses his rag and blurts out a bunch of expletives which shocks the restaurant guests (friends/family) and stuns them into an extended awkward silence. Reminiscing to the bald students, In support, Larry blurts out some expletives, then another person, in domino effect, does the same and another and another until the whole restaurant joins in releasing their best expletives. Quite funny when you watch it!! Obviously we all like to keep our emotions under control (some better than others) but sometimes you just have to have a good outburst out loud!! (preferably in a private place or maybe a big open field!)

Coaching Tip of The Week

Top 5 Errors When Volleying

  • Standing too close to the net... Less reaction time, possibility of touching the net, Easier to get lobbed
  • Too much take back on the stroke... Harder to time the shot, More chance of hitting late, Not enough time
  • Too much follow through... Less control, less accuracy
  • Not using your feet... Less weight transfer through the shot, harder to control the direction of the shot, less ready
  • Racket head not high enough before contact.. Harder to control the shot, tendency to over hit, Less clean contact

Drink of the Week - Remember Remember The 5th of November








So, we hope you all cope well with lockdown.. Try to stay strong and positive and if you can't do that then make sure you chat to someone. You may even check out my website for a little motivation.....

Sending hugs to anyone that needs one and if you don't then take it anyway!

Keep in touch...