Brian's Newsletter - 30th September 2020

Hi Everyone

Doom and gloom at the French Open for the Brits... All out in the 1st round! Is it time for Murray to think about stepping away from the singles circuit or was it just a blip that he played and moved so badly against Stan Wawrinka.

Club News

You will have read from Tricia's Chairman newsletter how important it is to adhere to the rules around the club linking in to social distancing and moving around the club safely and respecting our fellow members. I guess we all have different opinions and most of them come up in daily conversations. We don't know who is right or wrong so it is best to just respect everyone. One selfish act often has consequences!

Happy Birthday to a few of you out there.... Every birthday is a good birthday... Maybe a few more challenges but enjoy the important days...

It's great to see so many new members playing and so many more varied levels. That is the great thing about tennis. Anyone can play. For some of our less experienced players we have set up a whatsapp group so our beginner/improver players can practice and play with members of similar standard. If you are interested in playing and not really sure where to fit in then please get in touch with me and I can introduce you to similar players. Before you know it your game will improve quicker.

Still a few of you maintaining a good level of forgetfulness on court! Have a look around the court before you leave in case you forget something...

Club Sessions

Click on the links to book on the club session of your choice:

Wednesday 7th October 630-8pm

Wednesday 7th October 8-930pm

Sunday 11th October 930-11am

Have Fun!

Top 5 Things our members have forgotten:

Where they left their car. I love seeing someone walk back through the club having gone to the wrong entrance.  Someone forgot they had cycled the other day :)

Rackets - the most important product for playing tennis.  Equivalent of a doctor without their stethoscope!

Tennis balls - " Sorry coach... Can we borrow a few balls.. We forgot ours!"  "Of course replies the very generous coach!"

Their Kids! - Left in the clubhouse playing on the ipad!

How to park!  Remember the parking space lines are straight not diagonal as you reverse. If I am in the car park as you maneuver you won't get away with it!

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Coaching Tip of the Week - Doubles Tactics video from Louis Cayer (Doubles GURU!)

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Have a good week and don't forget to smile and say hello to the coaches.


Brian Love
Head Coach
Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
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