Brian's Newsletter - 18th November 2020

Hi Everyone

Great matches at the O2 ATP finals. Yesterday's match Nadal v Thiem has been the highlight so far. You can feel that the younger generation are starting to really come through and some great rivalries are forming despite great friendships. Interesting that the players are fresher coming into the event. I got a feeling they may reassess schedules again in the near future.

Club News

Courts are still closed!!!! Soon we will be back on court. At least this lockdown isn't as long so you won't be as rusty as the last time!


Trying to throw fluff out the window and it generally blows back in despite no breeze....

Opening a jar of honey and no matter how much you wipe it after use, you still get sticky fingers each time...

Before making a trip to the supermarket, intentionally planning to take a different route round the store to make life more interesting, but on arrival just taking the same journey round and buying the same things in order....

Washing machine update.. Needs to go back and get replacement as has a fault!! Super annoying, but exciting again for a new appliance !!

Thought of the Week

Each of us are experiencing different lockdowns, different challenges, different routines, different revelations. With everything that is going on, it is important that we take time to do the things we really like to do. You need YOU time. A walk, a ride, a good book, some music, a nice glass of something.






Science proves:

  • Solitude increases empathy
  • Solitude increases creativity
  • Solitude improves creativity
  • Solitude can improve mental strength
  • Being alone can help you plan to create a better life
  • Being alone helps you get to know yourself better
  • And likewise, if you are on your own, try to seek some company...

Few Ideas For Lockdown Boredom

  • Try and read your newspaper in the crab position
  • Learn the words to your favourite song, record yourself singing it and have a laugh afterwards
  • Do some keepy uppies with a small fruit
  • Brush your teeth with your opposite hand
  • Apologise to someone from the past by text
  • Make some top 5 lists.... places to visit, favourite recipes, boyfriends/girlfriends from the past (whilst you are on ME time obs!), life experiences...

Few Photo Images Depicting Lockdown






































 General News

Yeeeeeessss Scotland..... Date for your diaries June 18th 2021 England v Scotland at the Euros...

RIP Des O'Connor, Bobby Ball, Ray Clemence... Great tributes for the hugely respected trio.

Boeing 737 MAX cleared to fly again after fatal crashes.... mmmm can't see a big rush for those flights!!!

I'm a Celebrity back on tv, set in Wales! CBA yet!

Drink of the Week







Half way through lockdown so there is hope that tennis will be back soon... We will all be wondering what the restrictions will be on return. Keep staying positive and have a good week.

Little tribute song to Bobby Ball

"Together We'll Be Ok"


Brian Love
Head Coach
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