Brian's Newsletter - 13th November 2020

Hi Everyone

1 week into the lockdown and we are all dealing with it in different ways. Bit surreal not being around the club every day. Not as much subject matter from the courts for the newsletter!!!

My days have gone from keeping track of time hour by hour to not really noticing time. Marvin is enjoying more male bonding time & the daily aches and pains of being a tennis coach have reduced quite considerably.

The highlight of my week apart from an amazing biking experience on an electric mountain bike, has been the delivery of a new washing machine!! You cannot beat the feeling of using a new appliance for the 1st time!!

Tennis News

Murray & Skupski reach the final in Sofia and need to win it and Melzer & Vasselin lose before the final to qualify for ATP finals at O2.

Judy Murray to host a new series on sky sports interviewing top sports people. She'll be exploring stories of success, discrimination and achieving the impossible (Which some of us do on a daily basis!!) Look out for it.... 'Driving Force'

Draw has been made for the singles groups: Gutted the last year in London and no fans! What a line up though....

Group Tokyo 1970

Djokovic, Medvedev, Zverev, Schwartzman

Group London 2020

Nadal, Thiem, Tsitsipas, Rublev

Thought of the Week







News of the Week

So we know all the serious stuff going on around us at the moment, so it is important to recognise the lighter side of life to keep spirits up....

I'm a celebrity starting soon and some good contestants... Mo Farah, Shane Ritchie (think he still owns that bar in Reigate?), Victoria Derbyshire to name a few. Set in sunny North Wales this year!!

Lockdown has been named Collins Dictionary word of the year 2020! The lexicographers registered over 250,000 usages of lockdown so far this year compared to 4,000 last year!

Lockdown has affected the way we work, study, shop & socialise...

General Sports News

The Masters starts today with Paul Casey currently in the lead on -6. Tiger Woods on -4.

Good luck Scotland & Northern Ireland in their play-off matches to qualify for the Euros..... Come onnnnnnnnnn Sccccccccooooootttttttlllland!!!

Sports Books Worth a Read

  • Tyson Fury's new book is coming out.... 'The Furious Method: Transform your Mind, Body & Goals.' Bit of a body & mind book from his world of boxing.  Worth a read.
  • Touching The Void - Joe Simpson - Big Survival story..
  • Beware of the Dog - Brian Moore - England rugby hooker autobiography.
  • Open - Andre Agassi - Good tennis autobiography..

Drink of the Week - Spice up your lockdown...






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Stick to the guidelines and stay safe...

Have a good week