Brian's Lockdown Day 1 Newsletter

Brian Love

1st Newsletter of 2021
Hi Everyone
So it's day 1 of the 3rd lockdown and no tennis and other things for a while. How are we going to get through it all?? WE JUST ARE!!
For us tennis coaches it's never the best time of year, but we are lucky that so many players are motivated to play tennis and have lessons.... But by the time the lockdown is over we will be looking forward to some better weather, brighter skies, longer evenings, sunnier days, birds waking us up earlier, drier clay courts and temperatures rising. I'm getting excited already!
So what are you going to do over lockdown...

  • More netflix/amazon/bbc iplayer - Just started watching The Serpent (quite good).. A good watch is the Gordon/Gino & Fred road trip. Very funny!
  • Creative recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner -get out your delia/jamie/rick/gordon cookbooks
  • Study an online course - I'll be buying a sports psychology course for starters - I can recommend websites: Udemy or Priority Academy
  • Watch lots of tennis videos on Youtube. Be creative with your searches ie: epic racket smashes!
  • Find motivation to exercise....
  • If you are like my mum... you will wash, dry and polish your scrabble tiles!

I love it when Roddick asks the umpire if he'd given him a code violation yet before unleashing again....
Obviously we do not condone racket abuse but it is fun to watch.
So maybe this time around we can all connect a bit more on the club facebook page.... I'll be doing a bit of posting over the weeks, but maybe we can come up with a few quirky vids that you guys can send in to me on whatsapp...

  • You've heard of carpool karaoke... what about Kar Fool Chorus Karaoke where put on your favourite song and just singalong the chorus while you drive... Be brave and safe!!
  • Come up with some creative short family videos... kids interviewing parents/tennis tricks (gotta be good!)/magic tricks/group singalong
  • Your top 3 list of favourite holiday destinations & why?
  • Describe your favourite personal or famous tennis memory ... Mine was during the club singles final a few years ago against Alex Jackson... A great match! Alex had approached the net and I had played an aggressive shot to try and pass him, but he got his racket on it, but the ball sat up nicely for me to hit a winner... I thought he would guess which side i would go for, so I thought I would hit it as hard as I could right down the middle... He didn't guess anything and didn't move! Unfortunately for him I couldn't have hit it any harder or more accurately. For the next 5 or so minutes he was collapsed in a heap holding his privates! Sorry Alex! I still feel a little bad about it...

Look out for some requests on facebook!
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Thought of the Week 






So some of you may know that I do a bit of life coaching/mentoring alongside my tennis coaching. Most of you that have lessons get it whether you need it or not! Although most need it! Anyway, I think this lockdown will bring some challenging times and mental health is such a massive part of life. So during lockdown, if you fancy a zoom chat, a chat on the phone or connections through texts or email then please please get in touch with me or checkout my website Just having a chat and releasing can make a big difference to your frame of mind. A friendly listener and 100% confidentiality. 

Name That Tune From the 1st Few Words...

  •  " We're heading for Venus......" ????
  •  " Coming out of my cage/and I've been doing just fine...." ????
  •  " Birds flying high...." ????
  •  " Oh we were born within an hour of each other...." ????
  •  " I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay.. Ain't it sad..." ????

Look forward to getting through this lockdown and getting back on the tennis court and seeing you all at the club.... Don't forget to keep in touch....
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